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Abby is a certified Astrologer with a background in Psychology, specializing in Love and Relationship readings as well as future life predictions. With over 16 years of experience she brings confidence, understanding and a deep level of intuition into each session. For Abby, astrology began as a fascinating hobby learned early in childhood. The motivation to learn began as a gravitational pull towards understanding others; why we do what we do and how we can change our own circumstances.


After 7 years of studying birth charts and the complexities of each individual personality, Abby began studying current and future transits- creating awareness of present energies at play and preparedness for changes to come. Additionally, synastry techniques were applied and tested, comparing each individual chart with another’s to gain clarity into relationship dynamics, romantic compatibility and solutions for any challenges each couple were facing. The craft that started as a desire to understand others has evolved into a wish to help others understand themselves. In each session with Abby this purpose is made real.


To stay up to date with Abby, follow her Instagram at @truetwelve where she posts regularly on current transits and astrological insight.


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