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Jupiter: Transits to the Natal Chart

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

What is Jupiter all about really?

For me personally, I never paid much attention to Jupiter. I knew it wasn’t a “personal planet” and it seemed to fade into the background for many years. That is until I went back and studied the times when it came into conjunction with special points on my chart.

Jupiter has roughly a 13 year transit and so as we experience its return we partake in pivotal transition into a new segment of our life. At these times, and more specifically depending on the house that Jupiter rules in your chart, there is an expansion of consciousness.

These ages are 13, 25, 38, 50… and so on.

This consciousness is a reset of the way you saw things, your perception.

Perception is reality and therefore our reality shifts to a new tone, a different beat, a higher more evolved chapter of Jupiter’s Lordship.

When Jupiter comes into contact with personal planets in your natal chart big changes can be seen. Lets review below:

SUN: This is a time when you shine. Your personality is evolving into a a different and sometimes higher version of yourself, others notice this too and may bring you opportunities that they deem fit for you. These opportunities may come in a serendipitous way and do not require large work on your part. A wise man who is seen as a teacher to you may enter now. Themes of higher consciousness or upper levels of education in a particular field especially spirituality or mysticism can be the theme of this figures influence. In any case, you will be feeling so good, like a snowball effect that it is important to stay grounded and not get carried away. If ego or selfishness gets too high, a sudden downfall is always a potential risk. Remember that you now have luck on your side, stay connected to what you really want and use this to your advantage.

MOON: During this transit the themes of motherhood, emotional intelligence and nurturing the soul will dominate. Very likely a mother figure or someone who loves you the way a mother would will enter your life or someone who is currently in it will take center stage in this way. You are learning a new language of your emotions because you are much more connected to how you feel than you have been in the past several years. You are feeling things deeper and connecting your emotions with the spiritual side effects that they create. There may be a tendency to exaggerate your feelings therefore ground yourself with connecting to other people’s opposite or different point of views. Cultivating empathy will take you outside of your own experience and prevent victimization mindset. Children are a theme of moon therefore There is a possibility for childbirth in your or others life at this time. In addition pay attention to what changes are occurring at home. These events at home will spark the fire of change where there has been possible stagnancy for some time now. When these changes come about remember to stay calm, becoming carried away with your emotional experience can squash the spark easily.

MERCURY: When Jupiter conjuncts mercury learning, education and connecting with others through this will take center stage. You are introduced to a new subject matter and this has a lot of potential to be beneficial for you. Be careful not to take on too many subjects at once because you will feel not only like you can take these on but like you want to, however spreading yourself too thin is a risk that you would take. The way that you communicate now is much more outgoing and confident. You are bold in speaking your mind. Make room for others to talk and share their thoughts with you as well. With the right people, you may be seen as a teacher or a guru. Possibly in about 5-6 years, when Jupiter opposes mercury, what you learn now will be taught to others. If you have younger siblings they will be brought into the light in a new way as well. Be open to sharing your wisdom or aware that they have the power to unintentionally teach you something as well. This would be a good time to join a group or organization. Mentors within these may provide much more than just a networking opportunity.

VENUS: This is a very lucky transit. A very good time. The only risk is getting completely swept away with how good you feel but then again is that even a risk? Love and romance take center stage now. This is a time where you are much more attuned to what you value and have the wisdom behind why you value it. If you are a woman, your father may influence or teach you on a deeper level about why and what you should desire. The men that you attract are wise in a particular area, especially financially or aesthetically. If you are directing your energy toward financial matters, luck is on your side. Beneficial and sudden windfalls gains can be seen here. Still, do not get in over your head if someone asks that you invest or loan to them anything of value. If you have wanted to invest into your looks now is a good time to do so. Be sure to find someone who is highly skilled at what they do, the relationship could be one that leads to other beneficial opportunities.

MARS: During this time your energy is very high and you are seeing yourself as well as what you are set to accomplish as a bigger priority than in the past. Usually, there is a new mission that you have discovered that takes up more of your efforts during the day. Behind this mission may be a higher calling; something that wont just benefit you yourself but humanity, your community or others in your life as well. The way you are approach what you want to do is with great enthusiasm, creativity and childlike confidence in your ability to achieve. This is a time where fighting for a cause Beware that this may cause quicker burnout. The intensity may have effect on your impulses and temper. You may see yourself as fighting for a cause but stay conscious that others don't just see you as fighting in general. Transmute this energy with workouts that are vigorous and spiritual, hot yoga, a hike somewhere new, swimming in the ocean... all of these activities are calling your name at this time and you may just find divine wisdom on the way.

JUPITER: This transit is a time of optimism and luck being on your side. What happens when we are happy and lucky? We attract positive and influential things and/or people. These new figures in your life will prove to be wise and educational. You feel like a kid again and creatively this blends very well. You have the capability to produce projects or results that you normally wouldn’t be bold enough to make the move on. A spiritual reset has begun for you. While you may feel like you have found new knowledge that you want to share with the world, remember to pace yourself as this learning journey is just beginning. Advantageous opportunities may present themselves in speculative business like the stock market, sports, entertainment, or a personal financial investment. The urge to go all in will be there and while it very well may pay off for you, do your research and make decisions at a time when other transits favor you.

SATURN: A new way of relating to authority emerges during this period.

The places where you have been cautious and responsible are put to the test. Outdated rules that you have put upon yourself will be revealed. New insight to ways that you have been careless will also come to light. Therefore, boundaries or the lack of them become a major theme during this transit. You may learn how to assert your presence with the authority figures in your life; this includes work or religious leadership, wise council and father figures. Ultimately these boundaries can result in a separation or distancing between you and them. In turn, the karmic actions that take place will have show their fruits clearly 6 years from this time. To stay objective now, remain focused on the discipline required to achieve your higher aim. Because very likely there is a higher goal that you want to bear fruits. Lowering your vibration focusing on any short term chains holding you back will only prolong you reaching your end goal.

Thank you for reading!




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