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Full Wolf Moon in Cancer - January 17, 2022

The Full Wolf Moon on January 17th comes to us at 27 degrees Cancer; opposing the Sun at 27 degrees Capricorn. This is the first full moon of the year!

This full moon has a few deep and transformative details that I want to share but one thing is for sure, we all will have an opportunity for self mastery. The high priestess comes to mind as she represents the perfect blend between logic and intuition, and so is the aftermath of practical Capricorn shining its light on emotional Cancer; just like the left and the right sides of the brain, the mother and the father, the masculine and the feminine, both are needed to form harmony and ultimate success and this requires balance.

Below I have outlined 3 major themes to be aware of over the next couple of weeks as this energy plays itself out. I hope this allows you to create more harmony and clear away anything that blocks your intentions for 2022.

1. The Full Wolf Moon calls us to have integrity of self by uniting our public persona with our private life. There is a lot of things you want to achieve right now. You finally have a fire lit in your soul about this. Not everything may be going your way however and right now is a time that you can take responsibility for lining up your walk with your talk. If you know on paper that there is something you need to do or achieve yet when you are alone in your own thoughts you are constantly doing things that sabotage this desire you are at war with yourself. It is time to get serious about what you think, what you say and how you process information. Where can you become accountable in your mind and emotions in order to give yourself what you so desire? This is the ideal time to make a new commitment to yourself.

2. The Full Wolf Moon will ask you to examine what we value and where we over give so that we can receive more in 2022.

You are reminded of your investments at this time. Some investments pay off while others can drain you. Reminders of previous romantic relationships may come back and trigger you. Information regarding what is financially or materially owed to you particularly by a father figure or superior at work comes to the surface. Be mindful to take your time and think about how you want to address each situation. Examine the information you receive carefully before you respond. The saying "Chess not Checkers" applies here. Now is a time where being strategic and holding you cards will pay off. If you can, wait until the beginning of February as Venus is retrograde now through the end of the month.

3. The Full Wolf Moon will give you an opportunity to take your power back

Emotions make us human but without logic, our efforts easily lack a solid ground to build on. In the past few weeks critical and sensitive issues involving either a mother figure, home life, real estate or your childhood roots are now coming to a climax. Perhaps this is something or someone that takes a lot of emotional energy from you. There is alot you want to achieve at this time and now that you are aware of this you also acknowledge that you only have so much energy to give to others. Sometimes people want you to stay comfortable because they know if you grow you may outgrow what you give them. Contemplate your goals and who or what is enabling you to stay in your comfort zone. Beginning early February the shift will begin towards a new way of showing up. Until then work on balancing your logic and your emotions. With those two in harmony there isn't anything you can't achieve.

For information on how the next New or Full Moon will effect your life, you can contact me at

Stay shining & Happy 2022!

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